Team Building Activities

All about Working Together and being part of The Team

Adrenaline Teambuilding – Full

Participants have to interact to cross an imaginary river, or start a fire with very few resources, use a bow to shoot a target for meat. Drive a quad through a set of challenging scenarios such as – across a hang bridge, over a mountain of tires etc. This program includes a wide variety of possible Teambuilding modules to choose from.

This is a great activity for really getting the team dynamics going and normally last for 3 Hrs.

Adrenaline Teambuilding – Basic

This more affordable Teambuilding program includes various Teambuilding modules. The normal program duration is 2 Hrs.

Adrenaline SMS Race

Group is divided into smaller Teams that compete against each other in this program. Team members receives clues and instructions via sms on their personal cell phones. Duration 2 Hrs.

The principle aim of this activity is to offer a program that is highly affordable at basic level, yet is also modular and can be evolved to different levels of experiential entertainment depending on the client’s needs.The Challenges are presented via Sms’s to every client’s cellular phone. Clients have to solve riddles and challenges as quick as possible. These challenges are scattered over the Sun City Complex.

The tasks to be completed at every location can be modularly expanded to involve e.g.; Quad Bikes precision driving challenge, Archery hunting challenge, Drumming rhythm composing to satisfy a judge, Paintball gun shooting, etc. The duration of the full race is 3 hours.


This is an excellent motivational and growth experience, exploring the arcane forces of the mind. This confrontational exercise is fundamental to growth and achievement making the seemingly impossible possible! Bond a team with a sense of unity and rapport by having them support and encourage each other to confront their fear – before you know it they will be strolling across 5 meters of red coals! Once they’ve done this, they can do anything…


Point, Aim, and Shoot!

If Robin Hood can do it, So can You!