Thing To Do

At Adrenaline Extreme we provide plenty of exciting and exhilirating experiences

Plenty of Adrenaline Packed Activities. Experience the thrill of driving a Quad in low range 4X4 through a course of challenges including: …amongst others.

The Twister,

Tyre Mountain


To ensure safety we have guides walking along with safety ropes. No previous experience necessary for this exciting adrenaline adventure.

This product is a new global craze.

Similar to a go-cart, but with only 3 wheels, the Drift Trikes are also powered by an engine. The smooth plastic lining on the back wheels makes the difference, and allows the client to experience the thrill of drifting the trike around a go-cart circuit in a race.

A wow and safe experience with a good dose of adrenaline!

Small one man hovercrafts elevate the client to float on a cushion of air. The steering is done via rudders, resulting in a delayed steering response. This provides a challenge to adapt to, combined with a floating sensation.

Like a brick spinning on ice!

Experience the thrill of a close quarter combat adventure!

…need i say more…

This is a high impact adrenaline product, similar to bungee jumping.

The client gets strapped into a safety harness and attached to the top of two long poles with bungee cords, like a giant catapult. The client is strapped to the back of a quad bike which is driven away from the poles. At a final position the client is released.

The result is a safe yet adrenaline filled catapulting action between the two poles!

All about Working Together and being part of The Team

Participants have to interact to cross an imaginary river, or start a fire with very few resources, use a bow to shoot a target for meat. Drive a quad through a set of challenging scenarios such as – across a hang bridge, over a mountain of tires etc. This program includes a wide variety of possible Teambuilding modules to choose from.

This is a great activity for really getting the team dynamics going and normally last for 3 Hrs.

This more affordable Teambuilding program includes various Teambuilding modules. The normal program duration is 2 Hrs.


Group is divided into smaller Teams that compete against each other in this program. Team members receives clues and instructions via sms on their personal cell phones. Duration 2 Hrs.

Point, Aim, and Shoot!

If Robin Hood can do it, So can You!

Paint your face all the different colours of our beautiful rainbow nation…